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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Contain Yourself @ The Container Store

Contain Yourself! @The Container Store


If you can’t “Contain Yourself” when you go into the Container Store we completely understand…..
The Container Store

The Container Store has been assisting home owners organize and create the feel of peace and calm in their homes with their amazing products for years.  They have wonderful staff ready to help you with whatever your project may be.
The Container Store
The Container Store was always a big FAVORITE of OPRAH!  Remember seeing them on her show.  Boy, I miss The Oprah Show, don’t you?
The Container Store
Here is a great way to organized all your favorite DIY magazines….
The Container Store
Organizing any room in your home is a breeze with the systems they have developed that coordinate together.  You can turn your laundry room, home office, closet or pantry into a much more usable space!  And actually find things….BONUS…..
The Container Store
Great Color!
The Container Store
Nice Pantry…
The Container Store
The Container Store is a sponsor for the Southern Bloggers Conference.  We are very proud to have them participating and sharing organizing ideas with us in a class on Friday, October 12th @ 4:00 at their Raleigh Store.  Their experts will be on hand to help us with any organizing challenges we have.  You can learn how to organize you home office, set up a closet system, design a garage storage, free your playroom & children’s room of all the toy clutter.
We will also learn more about the Container Store’s history and how they can work with us as bloggers.
Please join us for this fun time to learn more about The Container Store and all their great products!!!
Did I mention there will be some prize giveaways, only for those in our group attending the Container Store session????
Southern Bloggers Conference Tickets can be purchased Here!
Southern Bloggers Conference
Cindy & Cassie
Living on the Bliss
Sheer Happiness for yourself and your home…

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  1. Happy & excited to attend the Southern Bloggers Conference! I need help getting my blogging in motion.



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