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Conference Tips

Here you'll find tips and ideas to enhance your conference experience!

Check here often as we'll be continually adding more.

  • "Business Cards/Hole Punch:" Lots of new friends will be made at the conference.  Woot!  Don't forget to bring your business cards to exchange with everyone.  Also, bring a hole puncher or punch your cards ahead of time.  We'll be supplying O rings and some ribbon to create a  "necklace" to hold all of the business cards that you'll be collecting. 
  • "Shopping:" Crabtree Valley Mall is across the street from the hotel, so if you forget anything or your bag winds up in the Bahamas you can shop close by.  ~Cindy at Living on the Bliss
  • "Camera: Don't Leave Home Without It:" Bring a camera, NEW camera memory stick and your camera charger.  ~ Cindy at Living on the Bliss.
  • "Swag Bag:" Have a plan for your Swag items - extra suitcase or shipping method. ~ Cindy at Living on the Bliss.
  • "What should I wear?"  Please don't panic about having the perfect outfit or worrying that you won't be dressed "right."  The theme of your wardrobe should be casual and comfy.  You will be sitting most of the day.  Also, please don't let the phrase "cocktail party" throw you off. Most of us again, will be wearing something casual.  If you wanna drag out that sequin cocktail dress and blinged out high heels, then by all means have at it.  :)  But for the most part, everyone will be wearing casual attire.  ~ Barb at The Everyday Home
  • "What we will provide:" There will be plenty of snacks and refreshments and of course a great buffet lunch, we will provide you with a Conference Booklet which will feature the Presenters handouts all in one convenient package as well as some blank sheets for notes, and pens.  We will also have a name tag available when you check in.  ~ Barb at The Everyday Home
  • "Shuttle Service:" The Embassy Suites provides a free shuttle from RDU airport from 7am -11pm.  When making your room reservation, simply ask for the number to call when you arrive, so someone can come get you.  ~ Barb at The Everyday Home
  • The SBC Booklet will include a page with a list of recommended restaurants.  Our very own Brittany, aka Pretty Handy Girl is also "Pretty Handy" when it comes to knowledge of some of the best restaurants around town.  ~ Barb at The Everyday Home
  • Follow Karianne of Thistlewood Farm for tons of entertainment and laughs.  Borrow her red lipstick for some added "wow"! ~ Barb at The Everyday Home
  • Your name tag will also include your blog name.  Wear it! ~ Debbie at Debbiedoo's (paraphrased)
  • Make sure you have business cards to give out and wear clothes and shoes you will be comfortable in.  We all like to look cute/pretty but you don't want to be miserable.  ~ Sandra Powell at Sawdust and Paper Scraps
  • Be memorable - with so many people it's easy to lose track of whose who. ~ Miriam Illions , Director of Community Development at Hometalk 
  • Make a cute tee shirt with your blog name on it like Debbie of Refresh Restyle did.  People will recognize you right away. ~ Jessica at Mom 4 Real (paraphrased)
  • Read this great post written by Amy after attending the Blogalicious conference. ~ Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons 
  •  Here's a great post from Shannon about Making Your Brand Visible at a blog conference. ~ Shannon at Madigan Made
  • Conferences are always a lot of fun, but don't forget you're also making an investment in yourself and your business.  Decide on 2 or 3 things that you'd like to accomplish at the conference.  Something that will really "put the cherry" on the event for you and your business and then go after it.  That's how you'll get real ROI for your time and money!  Susan Hand at The Savvy Solopreneur
  • Get the twitter handles of the people you want to connect with, meet, and the hashtag for the event loaded into your phone or twitter account beforehand.  As soon as you get to the conference you will be able to keep up with what is going on, say hi and ask questions to everyone attending right away.  Diane Henkler at In My Own Style


  1. "Future, Fellow" Bloggers,
    Looking forward to the Southern Bloggers' Conference; the excitement of learning, networking, and, just being blessed by fellow southerners is brewing. I'm in the early, early stages of BLOGging, so I'm destined to be an eager sponge!!! I do have one question that I can't wait to ask... Which blog platform is your best/fav? Could it be Blogspot, Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, combined website/blog(i. e. " .com ", etc. Your opinions, pros, cons, experience with one or more of them, etc. is most welcome! Look forward to hearing from you soon!!!
    Much obliged,
    "downright-southern" is name I reserved for an etsy shop; I plan on offering southern, vintage treasures that can be used for weddings, photography props, etc. & homemade, southern wedding favors, photo booth props. In addition, I do interior design. So, the goal of my website/blog is to share DIYs, advice on southern design, southern weddings... basically, all things southern! And, I'm so cotton-pickin' ready to find a designer for downright-southern's brand, site/blog, etc.{tag line still in-the-making}

    1. Hi Ellen. What a great way to kick start a new blog - by attending a blogging conference! I guess you and I will be two sponges sitting together. lol Your question about which blogging platform is best/favorite will be a great one. I'm sure lots of people will be interested to hear the answer. Look forward to meeting you! Suzy


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